Retail was one of the first sectors to be challenged by digitalization. And everyone – from stationary retailers in the city center to food retailers and online shops – is faced with the task of understanding the needs of their customers and responding quickly, especially in times of change.

In our research project on revitalizing city centers through digitalization, we are exploring the opportunities of the stationary retail trade of the future. We use artificial intelligence methods and, for example, have Alexa conduct interviews with shoppers as a digital conversational partner. These interviews are immediately evaluated with the help of our AI text analysis and provide dealers with concrete options for action.

We also support major retail brands in their brand management as well as in tactical communication and innovation measures such as product range design or private labels.

Examples of our work

Shopping Lab Aachen
Interviews with consumers in the city center using Alexa and KI
Map Regionale Produkte
Real-time analysis and summary of customer testimonials using AI

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