Duration and budget

The project ran from June 2016 to May 2019 and was funded with a total of EUR 2.25 million.

Motivation and Goal

The myneData project aims to open up a completely new design space for technology, data management and legislation in data protection. Users should actively control data processing processes via a data cockpit and thus be recognized as equivalent actors with regard to the utilization of personal data. In addition to the technical implementation, legal experts in the project are also preparing a new legal regulation that is intended to counteract the previously largely arbitrary collection and use of user data by large online companies. Such a new regulation would not least open up the data market to small and medium-sized enterprises and thus effectively strengthen the German economy.


Dialego is the consortium leader of this project. Further industry partners are synaix Society for Applied Information Technologies mbH | formitas GmbH | aixtema GmbH.

Research partner in the project COMSYS of RWTH Aachen University | CommScience of RWTH Aachen University | FIR | FSDS of the Goethe University Frankfurt a. M.

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