Dialego is entrusted with major research projects of national importance in the fields of mobility, trade and data protection in the course of digitalization. In this way we gain comprehensive knowledge both from our own research and from the competencies of our scientific research partners in the projects, which we are happy to pass on.

In addition, our founder Andera Gadeib has been a member of various federal and state advisory boards for a number of years and has thus given impetus to the legislation of the future. In addition, she gives keynote speeches to management bodies and parties on the subject of digitalization and participates in various national and international committees every year in deciding on the funding of around 100 start-ups per year.

Do you have questions about digitalization? We know our way around and like to point the way, not only for politics, but especially for the economy. Nationally and internationally.

Examples of our work

Picture Concept RegionalityHeatmap VCM Concept regionality

Consumer co-creation of an innovation from the research project SmartMarketsquare
by Dialego VisualConceptMapping

Wordcloud: expectations and wishes for the future of city centres
Retail research project: What expectations do you have for the future of inner cities and the retail sector? What would you like? AI on Text & Visualization

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