What does the future of mobility bring? Not only new drives for automobiles, but also the changing needs of future generations and completely new digital business models are more challenging than ever for all players in the mobility industry.

One thing is certain: mobility is highly topical – and not only for this reason one of our main topics. We are developing market potential for completely new players, for example in the field of e-mobility and new business models of the future. Among other things, we are working on a platform for autonomous city buses that will relieve the burden on city centers and bring people comfortably and individually from A to B in future. The exciting thing: Thanks to newly created data streams that we can use to analyze and generate insights, the products and services of the future will be continually optimizing themselves – always with the user’s wishes in focus.

With digital services, we pay particular attention to the fair use of data. Dialego has extensive expertise in this area, including our research project on the self-determined utilization of personal data.

Examples of our work

Word cloud relevance digital tablet

Basic research, concept development and optimization and data analysis of the use of the autonomous bus

Word cloud Understanding autonomous driving

What do you mean by autonomous driving? AI on text & here: Visualization


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