Special times require special methods.

You want to understand consumers,

but currently cannot conduct focus groups?

Start digitally.

This even works from the home office.

Gain deep insights with Dialego LiveChats

Our LiveChats are particularly suitable as a pragmatic decision-making aid. The digital version of the focus group, also available with video, quickly answers specific questions and provides initial, trend-setting feedback on your teams’ thoughts and ideas.

Ideally, the LiveChats are part of a workshop – this is how the focus group comes to you. If this is not possible, we can offer you a completely digital version. In this way, we bring the consumers as focus groups directly to your virtual conference table. The inspiring core element here: You and your colleagues follow the discussion live and can spontaneously ask questions. You can discuss the consumers’ answers directly, optimize guidelines and test material in an agile way and implement learnings immediately. This creates a motivating hands-on atmosphere. The immediate proximity to the customers inspires your team, and the individual talents and experiences of colleagues enrich the discussion of results.

At the end of the workshop day, you will be able to define the benefits of your product, service or brand – always with the certainty of consistently acting in the customer’s best interest and paving your company’s path into the future.


LiveChat method – focus group of the future

Respondents are recruited according to the target group definition in the run-up to the live chats, the essential questions are recorded in a discussion guide for the focus group. Two experienced team members of Dialego moderate the chats. Per session we discuss for about 45 minutes with eight to ten participants. Two to three chat sessions per day have proven successful. The live chats require about one week of preparation and can therefore be used spontaneously.

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The more innovative a product is to become, the harder it becomes to predict what will appeal to which customer. Dialego’s co-creation has helped us to recognize what is really important to potential customers and how they want their requirements to be implemented.

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

As far as I know, Dialego has one of the best algorithms to filter relevant impulses.

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller

If you want to survive in this complex world, you need the will to develop new ideas. This requires creativity, courage, intrepidity and digital expertise. This is exactly why we appreciate Dialego!

Frank Vogel

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