Market potential: developing innovations

As an accelerator for market success, innovations are particularly important to us. What better way to gain and expand market share than through new products and services? In the meantime, we have successfully accompanied and understood 8,000 innovations worldwide: Only products that offer real benefits are successful in the market in the long term. Use our proven processes for customer-centered design of innovations. Our global benchmarks provide clear orientation and the clear focus saves important time and costs.




The more innovative a product is to become, the harder it becomes to predict what will appeal to which customer. Dialego’s co-creation has helped us to recognize what is really important to potential customers and how they want their requirements to be implemented.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt. Ing. Günther Schuh

With our digital design thinking, you can develop new products and services faster and more cost-effectively. Bring your product to market in 25 % of the time and at 10 % of the cost. Three sprints within a quarter take you from the idea to the relevant benefit to the concept and let you master the first half of the innovation process in mileage boots – with a clear lead – to your competition.

Three steps to success

  • Dialego puts the focus on people
  • Dialego delivers measurable results in sprints
  • Dialego recognizes opportunities & helps with implementation

Setting the course for success

We work agile and cooperatively with our customers. As opportunity finders, we help to identify and leverage market potential. Through the optimal interaction of man and machine, we create the greatest possible benefit for your customers according to the KISS principle (Keep it simple, stupid). We actively accompany you and your team during the implementation. This is how you set the course for success.

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