Innovation Triple Jump

We focus on comprehensibly promising innovations.

The increasing speed at which markets change,

is a particular challenge in the digital age.

If you want to keep up with the competition,

 you have to make business processes more agile.

Communication with customers

must become even more central.

Inspire with agile innovation management in digital times

The Dialego Innovation Triple Jump is a combination of three digital and agile market research steps with which you involve the consumer in the innovation process of a product, service or means of communication right from the start. In this way you can design your portfolio effectively and target-oriented – in line with your customer focus.

Your benefit: Not only do you save time and money in the development process of your product, service or communication, but you also have the certainty that new developments will meet the needs of your customers. Rely on your greatest possible potential for success against the competition: your customers.

1. Gain deep insights

with Dialego LiveChat

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Dialego SemanticMining – Artificial Intelligence: The view on the essential


2. Generate strong benefits

 with the Dialego BenefitScreener

Top 15 results visualized in interactive online result reportanced settings.



3. Successfully finalize concepts

 with the Dialego ConceptFit

Consumer co-creation of an innovation with the Dialego VisualConceptMapping

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With Dialego we have successfully transferred our major brand study “Trusted Brands” into the digital age. The data treasure now comprises several million data points: annually a good 4,000 interviews per country, detailed results from over 20 industries, over 3,000 named brands per survey and a history of the past years. With the interactive online dashboard, we have for the first time lively views that allow us to view the data in a very simple structured way and to dive into details at any time. Filters, time series and flexibly selectable comparisons enable interactive insights.

Andreas Schröder

If you want to survive in this complex world, you need the will to develop new ideas. This requires creativity, courage, intrepidity and digital expertise. This is exactly why we appreciate Dialego!

Andreas Schröder

As far as I know, Dialego has one of the best algorithms to filter relevant impulses.

Andreas Schröder

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