We don’t just talk about the opportunities of digitalization, we implement them. With the focus always on the core of our expertise: the development of strong innovations and brands, based on the highest possible consumer understanding. Dialego, for example, has already been founded with Virtual Reality software – a virtual supermarket for investigating purchasing behavior. And therefore develops its own artificial intelligence systems for condensing customer statements.

While we let the machines do their work, we gain time for joint thinking, creative work and the development of concepts and products. Always supported by a scientifically sound data foundation, individually adjusted to the problem at hand.

Self-developed, award-winning tools

What sets us apart? Since our foundation we have been developing our own tools if required. We only use the most modern tools that are best suited for the respective purpose. “They can tell a lot,” you think? International awards, which regularly confirm the progressiveness of our products, prove our claim and convince the experts.

Award for special research competence

FIPP Award

Cross-media-success barometer of Dialego and Gruner+Jahr

Dialego MindVoyager, Nomination Best Methodology

Preis der deutschen Marktforschung

2x – Dialego FutureMarket Shelf, Tool of the Year – Dialego BrandSculpture, Innovation of the Year

Expressive feedback,
impressively fruitful

Dialego VisualConceptMapping is a unique tool with which we generate rich feedback on various visual stimuli. Participants can express interactively and completely intuitively what they think and feel – in relation to a product, packaging, website, advertisement or any other concept that can be visualized.

VisualConceptMapping is very easy to use – the survey participants mark something and express their opinion. Within seconds they understand our tool and use it naturally to share their spontaneous thoughts on the concepts presented. Co-Creation at its best.

❤ – our customers love it International Patent

Convenience Community example

Real consumers. Real conversations. In real time.

Dialego MindVoyager offers a deep understanding of consumer needs. The qualitative tool analyses the conversations within a protected online community and at the same time provides detailed insights such as an initial quantification. We use MindVoyager for exploration in about ten days of discussions with around 100 people from the target group.

MindVoyager is fun, fully engages the user and is unique in its ability to generate real enthusiasm for the exchange of opinions among the participants. First comprehensive results are available in real time.

ESOMAR Nomination Best Paper Award

BrandSculpture Bakery

The world’s first holistic brand analysis

Dialego BrandSculpture draws a holistic picture of the network of relationships between consumers and brands or products. This award-winning tool allows you to locate your brand’s position in the market in a fascinating way.

BrandSculpture is as efficient as it is easy to use. The results reveal emotional ties, buying potential and brand substitution in a vivid representation – with its help you develop your brand into the consumer’s favourite.

German Market Research Award, Innovation of the Year

Real-world shopping

The virtual shelf is an extremely fast and reliable solution for checking the performance of your product in a realistic shopping environment. The realistic shopping simulation makes it possible to test new products for their assertiveness and to investigate shopper behavior. Learn more about the performance of your new product in the competitive environment – long before your competitor notices your strategic decision.

German Market Research Award, Tool of the Year

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Next-generation text analysis

Dialego SemanticMining is one of our most powerful core technologies and is used in many of our tools. As a hybrid method, it quantifies qualitative insights from consumer statements.

SemanticMining reduces the complexity of rich data sets by automatically extracting the meaning from any text – in virtually any language.

State of the Art evaluation

Get as close as possible to your customers’ world with our interactive live reports, because transparency and networking make up the digital world. Our tools provide online access where possible, so you can work with insights in real time, without having to rely on static PowerPoint summaries. Driver analyses on our benchmark database show which factors are decisive for success in innovation.

Customization of the latest technologies

We offer individualization in the most diverse areas: For example, we are happy to provide you with dashboards that – adapted to your special needs – provide visual answers to your most important questions at a glance and up-to-date. If there is no suitable solution for your problem on the market, we develop it ourselves or adapt existing systems to the needs of our customers. We have very high expectations of ourselves and the result – without compromise. SmartMunk, our software company founded especially for this purpose, does the excellent development work.

Human Expertise

Ultimately, the aim is to create an optimum between man and machine. We are experts in applying a maximum of technology exactly where the machine – the computer – can do us humans good work, for example in recurring routine activities. This creates space to play to our strengths: the common encounters in which new things emerge and in which we find time for creativity and empathy.

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