Take advantage of this special time

and comprehensively lift your valuable data treasures

From data to insights

mit Dialego Dashboards

"The greatest value of an image is,

when it forces us to notice what we never expected” John W. Tukey

Data Treasures – From existing data to valuable insights with Dialego Dashboards

Make fast, data-based and customer-centric decisions. Profit from:


All study findings at a glance

whether from a single national ad hoc survey, key performance indicators, panel data or international tracking

Example of an online dashboard Trusted Brands



Automatic evaluation of qualitative data

using Dialegos – based on methods of artificial intelligence – text analysis SemanticMining incl. AI real-time translation

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Dialego SemanticMining – Artificial Intelligence: The view on the essential


Visually convincing and clearly structured data preparation in a dashboard in your CI

specially adapted to your needs and easy to understand for each of your colleagues, even without market research experience

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Interactive results reports save time, reduce costs and provide a clear overview

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With Dialego we have successfully transferred our major brand study “Trusted Brands” into the digital age. The data treasure now comprises several million data points: annually a good 4,000 interviews per country, detailed results from over 20 industries, over 3,000 named brands per survey and a history of the past years. With the interactive online dashboard, we have for the first time lively views that allow us to view the data in a very simple structured way and to dive into details at any time. Filters, time series and flexibly selectable comparisons enable interactive insights.

Andreas Schröder

As far as I know, Dialego has one of the best algorithms to filter relevant impulses.

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller

For our brand management we need relevant insights from consumers from all over the world. A challenge that Dialego always masters anew with bravura.

Wolfgang Stippler

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