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Winning new clients and committing existing customers are substantial anchors of every company. The questions are which measures are adequate and which priorities you should set.

Understanding customers

Put your customers in the focus of your actions. Make sure you obtain profound and detailed insights into your customers’ needs, and at the same time generalizable statements, for example with an own customers advisory council. Analyze incoming feed back of your customers, for instance from your hotline, with our new text mining procedures. Visualize the results in real time reports, thus allowing your company a prompt reaction.

Satisfied customers

A satisfied customer will love to use your products and services and buy them again. At best he will be enthusiastic about your performance and recommend you. It can be demonstrated statistically that dissatisfaction spreads faster. For instance with our text mining: negative statements contain regularly a higher level of information than positive statements.

Please do consider negative feed back also a chance to grow. If you should have disappointed a customer, it is very important to quickly understand the reason why and to act. We offer you the suitable individual platform to gather customer feedback and to understand the perceived quality of your performance in real time, even for different target groups. This will allow you to act quickly, to raise customer satisfaction and thus win market shares.

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Milupa Community

Create communities

You want to find out what your customers think and feel, why not ask them directly? We help you to gather important information in order to hit quick and smart business decisions for an even higher customer satisfaction. You benefit immediately, and your customers too, because this means they can expect still better service and products in the future. We offer two alternatives: MindVoyager for the one-time, in-depth conversation with your target group and the customer advisory council which will commit your (potential) customers for a longer time. Your customer advisory council will be at your service for all kinds of questions at all times, even on very short notice overnight.

Corporate Identity

Naturally we adapt all ways in which we communicate with your customers to the corporate identity of your company. Particularly when establishing customer advisory councils you may expect a discussion and query board of which the look and feel will be adapted seamlessly to your company design.

Also, what counts is on the inside: you can rely on the time-tested and versatile features of our community platforms, reaching from video chat to automated text analysis.


Example of an investigation platform “committing clients”

>Client Advisory Council > Diary for the understanding of behavior (Usage & Attitude) >Idea Generating for new Products and Services >Testing New Concepts > Development of strong Benefits >Check of Campaign Designs for Communication Relevance.

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