Brand Image Sensor

Brand strength as a key success factor in times of digitalization.

In the digital age

people seek orientation and meaning in brands.

More and more touchpoints

and interactions require companies to continuously and agilely consider their brand image.

Only those who really understand the target group,

can establish customer orientation.

Traditional brand tracking

does not reflect the dynamics of today’s markets.

Agility through concentration on the essentials – The Dialego Brand Image Sensor


...delivers concrete, realizable options for action

 from the relevant consumer conversation about your brand

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Dialego SemanticMining – Artificial Intelligence: The view on the essential


...accelerates decision-making processes in the company

by using the digital data channel and involves your employees via brand workshops

Video SemanticMining Skyline

Interactive results reports save time, reduce costs and provide a clear overview

... is future-proof

 through innovative, implicit procedures and the possibility to integrate further data treasures.

Implicit measurement with the Dialego BrandSculpture


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For our brand management we need relevant insights from consumers from all over the world. A challenge that Dialego always masters anew with bravura.

Wolfgang Stippler


As far as I know, Dialego has one of the best algorithms to filter relevant impulses.

Andreas Schröder

If you want to survive in this complex world, you need the will to develop new ideas. This requires creativity, courage, intrepidity and digital expertise. This is exactly why we appreciate Dialego!

Andreas Schröder

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