May I introduce? We have grown – and in a very special way: My husband Volker has been a full member of the Dialego family since July of this year. Since Dialego was founded 20 years ago, he has been my sparring partner for all questions, additionally to his job as a teacher. Now he has finished this mission to be present in the company on a daily basis and for the whole team. He is not only responsible for software development at SmartMunk (the ones with the squirrel ;)), but also for all operational tasks at Dialego and SmartMunk.

Volker Gadeib

Volker Gadeib

Volker is an experienced mathematician and computer scientist who has been active as a teacher in adult education for 20 years. Sayings such as “Mr. Gadeib, you are a great guy, but you teach the wrong subject” (meant was math), we were used to. The fact that a math teacher – already trained as a manager in his career as a civil servant – switches to private business is probably rather unusual.

I am delighted that he has made the rare leap from civil servant to entrepreneur and that he is now just as enthusiastic as I am about directing the fortunes of the company. Nothing beats a well-functioning team, and leadership that is there when needed. Since I’ve been on the road a lot since the beginning, Volker is now the rock to build on for the whole team and has already been able to move a lot in the short time he’s fully on board. A family business is simply something else. We are well prepared for the future and you can look forward to exciting innovations.

I am very happy to have the courage to discover new horizons.

Volker Gadeib

Our office dogs

When we speak of family, our four-legged friends must not be absent. The office dog makes the rounds with us in the truest sense of the word and so three fur noses cavort in the office every day: Othello, Frederik and Bagheera. And not all of them have the surname Gadeib 😉

Wonderful team spirit

You can talk or write a lot about a team, but only when you live it properly does the term have any real meaning. And that is why we went sailing again this year on the nearby Ijsselmeer in the Netherlands – and experienced our “Blue Wonder”. Four teammates surprised everyone else with a self-created Escape Room game that was incredibly well thought out and as memorable as it was entertaining. But read for yourself.

A family such as our Dialego community is also ideal for tackling the inner comfort zone in a team. For example, in the now half-yearly company run, for which almost everyone gets mobilized. That time came again last week 😉

Andera Gadeib

Social commitment

Last but not least, social commitment is very important to us as a family. The Dialego Foundation is and remains the heart of our intrinsic motivation for all panel participants and the heart project of every Dialegi.

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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