On a Friday afternoon at the beginning of September we set off for our annual company outing to our beautiful neighbouring country, the Netherlands: sailing on the Ijsselmeer, a tradition we have grown fond of by now. But when we were told that a customer appointment was planned for Saturday evening – on the ship – we were amazed. And what came next was as surprising as it was sensational. Two colleagues had worked out an escape game entirely in accordance with the Dialego methodology. For weeks they worked on it and even organized allies who recorded movies or served as telephone jokers. With the result of their ideas, they kept us entertained for a long evening and puzzled on deck.

Our “customer” was the robber’s daughter Anne, who was eagerly hoping for an innovation with which she could transform the family business of piracy into a positive future. We received this clear task by video briefing – and immediately set out in two teams to decipher countless puzzles, safes and hidden clues that led to the desired solution.

We did not quite manage the given 90 minutes task time. But we were all the more enthusiastic when both teams looked at the result together again: The coordinates of the final treasure map were determined by Dialego’s own 4W formula (what / benefit, who / brand, when / time, why – enthusiasm). Brilliant!

But enjoy yourself, we brought some videos from the evening and a making-of with our luggage. A big thank you to the colleagues who spent countless evenings and weekends giving us this pleasure!

A wonderful company outing on the IJsselmeer. Roll the film:

Music: https://www.musicfox.com

Our challenge in the evening: Escape Game

Music: https://www.musicfox.com

If this makes you think: This team really puzzles out the trickiest challenge with me, then you’re right 😉

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