Brand observation and tracking are no new topics. But how do you make them flexible and agile enough to withstand faster business processes while maintaining the necessary sustainability?

Strong brands gain trust and provide orientation. Their role as signposts will become even more important with increasing digitisation. From the analysis of 8,000 innovations, we know that an innovation is only successful if it fits the brand.

We help to develop successful brands. To this end, Dialego has developed a brand tracking tool that meets both requirements. And always with one goal:

Gain realizable insights into brand management

The benefit of this instrument clearly lies in the continuous measurement of the success of a new or existing brand. This enables us to uncover potential for strategic brand management and optimize marketing and communication planning.


Dialego BrandSculpture – Implicit Measurement

How do we proceed?

In the regular online survey, the classic elements of brand funnel, brand associations and brand image for the own brand as well as for relevant competitors are collected. In addition, the implicit measurement of brand relationships with our BrandSculpture enables the representation of the important emotional component: Where does your brand stand in the intuitive, emotional perception of the consumer? Is it very close to him or far away? And why is that?

Every brand lives from the fact that it has a clear brand image and can sustainably set itself apart from the competitive environment, all while focusing on one’s own target group. It should always be up-to-date and keep up with the times, because people and markets are changing, sometimes faster than ever. The strength lies in the sustainable development of one’s own brand. Accordingly, we carry out brand tracking on a regular longitudinal basis, be it monthly, quarterly or annually. In order to be able to counter changes in the market, an ad hoc wave is possible at any time, even at short notice – both nationally and internationally.


Get results live in the interactive dashboard. We can create short reports and comments from “Everything on one page at a glance” to detailed views, depending on your needs. All countries as well as waves are condensed and can be displayed in detail. A very important role is played by a commented interactive results report with tailor-made recommendations, from which you can dive deeper into details with a click – if you wish.

The real-time update, including automated analysis of answers on open-ended questions, gives you access to the latest results and summaries. An authorization concept ensures who can view which report scope.

Random sample

The sample is classically broad, nationally – per country – representative. Alternatively, your target group can also be quoted specifically. Typical are n=1,000 per country with customization options according to your needs.


When it comes to timing, we will surprise you, because our experience makes it possible to go into the field with a very short lead time and deliver results quickly, even with a first wave.

Examples of our trackings

This is what our customers say:

Tracking the brand image is one of the strategic tasks of a company and requires special attention. The task is one of the core competences of our industry: Measure how well a brand is positioned, how it is perceived, where strengths and risks lie.

Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co KGReader's Diges

Bayer – Global Brand Health

More than ten years ago, we implemented the worldwide digitalization of brand tracking for Bayer. We look at 70+ countries and nations in which an online survey is not feasible due to low Internet penetration. Wherever necessary, these are collected in the classical way and inserted digitally into the dashboard. In this example we look at: 400+ product brands, 260+ competitors, 400+ million data points, 2 million verbatims and 300,000+ interviews.

Implicit brand image measurement with BrandSculpture

The world’s first holistic view of a brand: Dialego BrandSculpture draws a holistic picture of the network of relationships between consumers and brands or products. This award-winning tool allows you to locate your brand’s position in the market segment in a fascinating way.

BrandSculpture is as efficient as it is easy to use. The results reveal emotional ties, purchasing potentials and brand substitution in a vivid presentation – with their help you can develop your brand into the darling of consumers.

BrandSculpture was awarded the German Market Research Prize: “Innovation of the Year”.

Interactive visualization in the dashboard

In our dashboards, large amounts of data are made clearly available. We design the dashboards individually according to your project needs, even different data sources can be syndicated. Our dashboards are always expandable and update themselves automatically when new data arrives.


Let us work as a team on your goals.

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