We have been looking for a new company headquarters for a very long time. But we did not expect to make such a find. It is a great honour that we were able to take over the beautiful city palace “Haus Matthéy” from the city of Aachen. We, that is Volker and Andera Gadeib, the family entrepreneurs behind Dialego. After extensive renovation, which is already in full swing, we will move in here in 2020 with Dialego and SmartMunk. You will then find Dialego on the first floor, where our project management team will take care of our exciting projects in the completely redesigned former cloth warehouse, including balconies. The entire Dialego team finds a place in the large main building, which can be seen in the photograph, plus the adjoining middle building. On the second floor SmartMunk moves in, together with our co-workers.

You have already guessed it: We hope that you will visit us some day. For what looks beautiful on the photograph as a front view, becomes even more and more beautiful as you walk through the carriage entrance. Behind the building there is a quiet, enchanted garden with birds chirping, in which a beautiful garden palace stands and invites to events. On the first floor of the Gartenpalais will be our large, new FutureLab, in which we want to shape the future together with our customers, citizens and consumers, for example on the topics of mobility or digitisation and trade.

Haus Matthéy

“Digital Culture” in Aachen

Our goal: To create an icon of Aachen for the new contact point for digital development – art and culture, a meeting place for the real and virtual world and a nucleus for the playful experience of digital design.

The tradition of the house stands for art and culture, carried by Mr. Teo Matthéy, an entrepreneur of the traditional cloth industry and patron of the arts in Aachen. At this place we want to symbolically transfer the old industry into the new, digital age and invite to participate instead of just watching. To create a place for the people and (digital) companies in Aachen, but also for guests beyond Aachen´s borders.

We envision the connection between digital entrepreneurship and culture, society and education. Development of a meeting place of Aachen´s citizens, politics, culture, science and economy. A common cultural programme for people, including digitisation. As entrepreneurs, we also want to continue our previous voluntary initiatives for digital education and creative industries and give them a central location in Aachen. Among other things, a reading is planned for my book “The future is human”.

It lies close to our hearts to become an attraction that allows all generations and target groups to experience the digital world and provides positive impulses. We want to focus on people in the shaping of digital change.

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