Digitalization set the direction, while advancing technology and people’s changing habits of use gave concrete form to the direction: digital tools and apps now define almost all innovations and markets. But instead of simply developing what the programming languages have to offer, the focus is increasingly on the human being.

How do we want to shape the future? What services do we, the people, want for the future? And how can digitalization contribute to this? These questions were addressed at the 2019 Services Conference in Paderborn as part of the DIGIVATION collaborative project, and we are addressing them ourselves in our SmartMarketSquare research project. We are specifically looking for methods to make inner cities more attractive through future-oriented services and thus more vibrant. With the current knowledge of the project we travelled to Paderborn – we have prepared a little insight here.

Impulses for tomorrow’s services

The event aimed to collect and present best practices that show how companies can develop and market digital services. Findings from digital process innovation with innovative service engineering concepts were used, as were opportunities for customer integration and individualization of products and services. In addition to an exhibition, the conference offered exciting lectures and discussions on current service research.

Presentation of the most promising concepts

As part of SmartMarketSquare, we have since designed and evaluated a total of 26 service concepts with customers and dealers. We presented the three best ideas as formulated and tested concepts at the conference. To make them easier to grasp, we have printed these “idea prototypes” in 3D in our FutureLab.


The Dialego team had great pleasure in presenting our innovation process and the available results.

Exciting ideas for digitalization in retail

We have come home with a lot of exciting ideas for digitalization in the retail sector and are looking forward to the next steps in the project with our partners.

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