20 years of Dialego: From pioneer of online market research to accelerator for market success

In 1999, in the middle of the New Economy, I founded Dialego as an online market researcher. Since then, we have been helping companies involve customers and achieve greater market success. Blue chips such as Bayer and medium-sized companies such as Ritter Sport are among our customers, because over the past 20 years we have built up a wealth of expertise and experience in the fields of innovation, branding and digitization. Including benchmarks on 8,000 innovations worldwide and empirical evidence of what makes them a success.

The special features of the birthday child Dialego: The proprietary methods of artificial intelligence, many years of market research expertise, the benchmarks and the own panels with which Dialego ensures a deep understanding of data, customer needs and the connection between market and company. We love to find and develop opportunities for our customers from the idea to the market launch. Worldwide.

At the age of 20, of course, we also strive for new fields, fresh methods and topics. Urban Design Thinking, for example, is one of our current, very dynamic development areas. We help cities and municipalities to involve their citizens in planning processes and thus make their cities more liveable. The central element of this work is a planning table called revrt.ai, which can display living city maps and gives citizens the opportunity to present their needs in a playful way. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the 3D game figures recognize, record and analyze every movement within seconds, so that urban or political decision-makers can react much more quickly than before.

Diversity as an engine

Our conviction: New things only emerge where diversity is lived and where sometimes might be conflicts. Empirical findings confirm this. As innovation is one of our core issues, dealing with diversity is part of our daily business. By diversity I mean not only men and women, but also young and old, local and foreign culture and much more. At Dialego as well as at our subsidiary SmartMunk we rely on a very diverse team: The youngest employee is 15 and programs Alexa, the oldest we have just retired. With the exception of a few months, she had been with the company since it was founded. We have an incredible number of nationalities and languages with us, and we combine many different disciplines in the company.

Always one step ahead

Immediately putting the newest technologies to the test, testing whether they are suitable for Insights and improved processes with our customers: That’s our mission. What we have developed about six years ago in a discussion with other experts is still valid today: Market research 2020 seeks opportunities, opens up to new resources, adopts an attitude and focuses every innovation on the relevant benefits for the customer. That’s also what my book (in German) “Die Zukunft ist menschlich” is about, which will be published in autumn 2019.

Summary of the discussion (Research & Results, the international leading market research trade show, 2013)

20 years must be celebrated properly

Without our wonderful team, we would not be able to achieve new goals and explore new fields, nor would we be able to achieve these goals for our customers. And that’s why we didn’t miss the opportunity to drink a toast to this special birthday. In addition there will be another sailing trip together in autumn, during which we will let the work be our work. Far out on the Dutch Ijsselmeer we will enjoy our time together.

Foto Dialego Team

There’s one thing I don’t want to keep from you, because I was really overwhelmed: The gift my team presented me with. Me as a pretty jumping jack with my dog Othello on my shoulder and my mission in my hand. This beautiful object is now on my desk and makes me smile every day.

Wonderful awards accompany Dialego

  • 05.2000 Start Up Competition McKinsey & Stern, 1st place in regional and national competition, Top 10 national
  • 05.2000 Wirtschaftswoche appoints Andera Gadeib as one of the 100 most important New Economy entrepreneurs in Germany
  • 03.2006 Award Career of the Year from the Handelsblatt publishing group for Andera Gadeib
  • 05.2006 BVM Tool Award for Dialego FutureMarketShelf Test
  • 10.2006 ESOMAR nomination “Best Paper Award” category “Best Methodology” for Dialego MindVoyager
  • 05.2011 BVM Innovation Award for Dialego BrandSculpture
  • 08.2014 FIPP Research Award for Dialego and Gruner+Jahr together
  • 04.2016 BVM German Market Research Prize Nomination for Dialego and WDR
  • 04.2016 emotion Award 2016 Nomination for Andera Gadeib
  • 12.2017 Digital Female Leader Award in the category Entrepreneurship Finalist Andera Gadeib
  • 09.2018 CSR Award of the CSR Competence Center Rhineland for Dialego Foundation for Children and Andera Gadeib becomes CSR Ambassador
  • 04.2019 AC² Innovation Award Nomination for Dialego


Dear customers, dear business partners, dear Dialego team and all the others who have accompanied us through the first 20 years of Dialego: Many thanks for exchange, inspiration and cooperation. We are looking forward to new adventures!

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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