Dialego at Girls’ Day 2019

I have been an entrepreneur in the digital world for over 20 years and with three children, digital education is particularly important to me. After all, our children should be able to confidently shape the digital future.

Among many other projects, I am involved in the Girls and Boys Day. On this day the students of the 5th to 9th grade leave school and explore a profession that does not fall classically into the role cliché. Girls, for example, try out a technical profession and boys go into care.

This year’s Girls Day is especially big for us. With a great group of volunteers we want to program with 100 girls in the Aachen Digital Church.

Click here for registration: Creative with mini computers in the DIGITAL CHURCH

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From the program

Are you wondering how the control of a smartphone works or how intelligence gets into a refrigerator or a car?

On Girls’ Day at digitalHUB, we want to solve an exciting task creatively and playfully together and gain our first programming experience. You can try out the first programming steps in a team with other girls on the mini-computer Calliope https://calliope.cc and create something completely on your own.
You’ll also get to know entrepreneurs like Andera Gadeib at https://anderagadeib.com She tells you in the DIGITAL CHURCH how she started her own business with digitisation.
Then it’s your turn: Calliope accompanies you into the day, a small computer in the shape of a star. With Calliope you will learn the basics of programming. For example, you can program a heart with the colored blocks. Young and experienced programmers from IT4Kids (RWTH Aachen) will support you.
Afterwards you can deepen your newly acquired programming knowledge or learn how to design your product graphically.

At the end you have the opportunity to present your results to an interested audience.
The initiators of the first Girls’ Day at the digitalHUB Aachen are Andera Gadeib (Dialego AG), Andrea Hilger (Arbeitsagentur Aachen), Adriane Langela-Bickenbach (Gymnasium St. Leonhard Aachen), Dr. Leila Momen (PWC Frankfurt/M.), Lucas Mosig (IT4 Kids), Birgit van Megeren (Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf, Region Aachen), Hien Nguyen (Eathentica), Dr. Angela Reinders (Bistum Aachen), Johanna Tolzmann (IT4 Kids), Iris Wilhelmi (digitalHUB Aachen e.V.).

Duration of program

09:00 hrs to 16:00 hrs

In order to participate, you can register online.

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Andera Gadeib
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Andera Gadeib is founder and CEO of Dialego. The business information scientist has been a proven expert in the field of digitization for many years. Among other things, she is a member of the advisory board for young digital economy of the BMWi and of the board of the German IT-Mittelstand bitmi.

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