No matter if you already know us from the cooperation to innovation, brand or digitization or if you are still planning to do so: The collaboration is only as good as the team functions. And success can only be achieved in a team. In order to make sure that there is enough time-off for us apart from the sometimes demanding project business, once again, we set off to the beautiful IJsselmeer in the Netherlands to hoist the sails together. At the end of September, that means quite the adventurous, windy and wet weather. Though, that didn’t stop the fun. Take a look at the short picture story. Perhaps you will discover one or the other familiar face?

Exciting company trip: Sailing on the IJsselmeer

Enkhuizen, Start and Finish

A special kind of team building: 2 days sailing in wind and weather…

Turning manoeuvres

Retracting and folding sails

Enjoying the ride 😉

After the work is done

The Sybaris, our ship

With a capacity for 30 people in small cabins with four bunks and a private bathroom, we felt completely at home. The whole team cooked and the early risers were especially popular, since they provided us with fresh bread.


Sailing makes you hungry

And even more sports

On 28.09.18, we showed that the team is quite ambitious also facing the competition. In the 7th Aachener Corporate Run the most athletic company of the Euregio was being sought – and we took part.



In the mixed team we finished 11th out of 458, and with the men’s team we finished 19th out of 278. One or the other individual result is impressive as well.

The success didn’t come by chance, our team running training payed off 😉

This team makes us incredibly proud.

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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