Dialego was also actively involved in the Aachen 2025 digital festival, organised by citizens from the region of Aachen, the Netherlands and Belgium.

With more than 100 exhibitors, lectures, workshops and hackathons, this “grassroots movement” set itself the goal of showing the technologies today that will change the tomorrow. At the end of September, together, we gave and were given a glimpse into the future – in many areas of life such as work, housing, energy, education, culture, mobility, health, shopping and games.

DIGITALINÉE “Man Machine – a Love Relationship”

The kick-off event DIGITALINÉE in the historical auditorium of the RWTH Aachen University was dedicated to the task of examining the relationship between man and machine: Do new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality / augmented reality or cloud computing change the relationship between man and machine?

Love relationships among human beings are diverse and complex. What will it be like between man and machine? In “Man Machine – a Love Relationship”, the DIGITALINÉE examines the bonding potential of the unequal partners and how digitalization changes life, relationships, language, and feelings. We explore what is humanly possible and what machines can do with the example of inventions and visions, which are presented at ‘Aachen 2025 – the digital festival’.

Since we – in Aachen and especially at Dialego – are strongly rooted in the mobile future, we were particularly interested in the visions of big German car manufacturers on mobility. BMW provided us with one of the two concept cars for the digital future “BMW Next 100”. The vehicle looked futuristic, with its continuous bronze-coloured outer skin, also including the tyres. Looking at it, my smallest daughter (8 years old) asked a practical question to the expert: “How do you change the car’s tyres? These and other questions from the customer’s point of view will have to be answered in order to proactively shape a positive digital future.


Is this what the future of the automobile looks like? The Concept Car BMW Next 100


Dialego shows the potential of voice-controlled systems

Andera und Volker Gadeib bei der Digitalinee Aachen 2025

Andera and Volker Gadeib on the stage of the Digitalinée

And Dialego’s contribution? On this evening we presented voice-controlled systems that will play an important role in the future. They have the potential to make life easier. Nowadays, systems such as Alexa from Amazon or Google Home already offer a wide range of possible applications. Not only a beautiful alarm clock, music player or ordering systems are available, but also open questions in the corporate context become possible, e.g.: “Alexa, what is the knowledge from the last 24 hours? Asked from the point of view of a mayor, entrepreneur or private individual, this question can provide very different answers.

The data needed to answer such questions are already available in large quantities today. Through an intelligent analysis combined with resulting recommendations for action, new potentials open up, especially in the business environment. The clever examination of current data, which enables us to react with foresight and yet quickly to very different events – for us this is a possible scenario for the future .

Ganz digital: Das Making-Of unserer Bühnenfotos

The event wouldn’t be the “Digital”inee” if there wasn’t a making-of of the stage photo 😉

At Dialego, we are already experimenting with our data on the basis of Alexa technology. We let Alexa ask questions as well as give answers automatically. A digital business model from Aachen, ready for worldwide use.

Dialego enables companies to introduce customer-centric action for significantly faster market development with higher revenue potential and significantly lower costs.

Aachen 2025 is a look into the future. As a company based in Aachen that was founded almost 20 years ago as a digital start-up in Aachen, we are happy to be involved. Developing the digital business models today that will secure the prosperity of our society in the future is one of the major tasks for the next seven years. The challenge is to drive digitisation forward while focusing on the human being.

Because the human being is more important than the machine.

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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