How do we travel greater distances? Dialego has been researching this for several years. Mobility is changing dramatically – what was initially the classic car on the road or the familiar journey by a scheduled flight is increasingly taking on digital dimensions. In electric mobility and the development of new automobiles and brands, we saw the first steps that are still occupying us today, e.g. in the design of the inner cities of the future. Since the beginning of the year we have been investigating the development of autonomous, digital mobility in city centres together with the electronic car manufaturer e.GO, the city of Aachen and other partners.

We are very pleased that we are now literally going airborne: namely in the user-centered development of air taxis and drones. Dialego’s hometown Aachen has joined a powerful consortium formed on the initiative of Airbus. The consortium wants to pose, work out and answer cross-border questions on (again cross-border) mobility. Three countries and five cities in the border triangle of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium are part of the initiative. The joint plan was signed in a public ceremony on 24 September 2018 at the Centre Charlemagne in Aachen.

A festive occasion, to which even representatives of Airbus from Silicon Valley travelled to get to know the consortium. Very impressive and quite plausible: According to the guests, the long journey was worthwhile because of the high density of mobility experts in the imperial city.

In the project, Dialego will take a leading part regarding the user perspective during the development, but will also accompany it during the later rollout. And who knows, if the Rhine-Ruhr region manages to bring the 2032 Olympic Games to the metropolitan region, perhaps we will fly from the Aachen equestrian stadium to the Gelsenkirchen arena with a drone in a very short time. We are happy to report further.

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