Dialego works across borders, purposely and since its foundation: Every year we conduct studies in about 70 countries. In this way, we achieve a broad horizon across different markets as well as across countries. That is why we are happy to take part in exploration tours, which in turn also benefit our clients. This time we were part of a delegation trip to South Korea.

Inspiration and Cooperation

Initiated by close cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and research institutes in and around Seoul, we were able to embark on this journey for the second time. This time we devoted a whole week to the context of the automotive industry. After all, there are important automotive suppliers as well as ICT and technology providers in South Korea, which are also becoming increasingly relevant to the automotive market. In addition, in South Korea, SmartCity is already (literally) a reality in some parts.

For Dialego, I contributed two presentations, which focused on our solution for more customer and citizen participation and thus more customer centricity. Both contributions were very well received.

Conversely, I myself received an enormous amount of inspiration from the events and discussions in Seoul. After my return from these densely packed travel days I was able to bring all my impressions immediately into the daily events at Dialego and into our projects. A wonderful opportunity for all parties.

Center for Creative Economies and Innovation

The Seoul Center for Creative Economy and Innovation


Greetings from Korea

The small female part of the delegation with two nice translators 😉

Foto Votrag Andera Gadeib in Seoul

Andera Gadeib in Seoul

In Seoul

Always on the go – Greetings from Seoul

Name badge: Andera Gadeib in Korean

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