A few days ago Dimitri Ravin from Urban Digital visited us in our Dialego FutureLab. Dimitri has been blogging for a year on urban-digital.de about how digitization is changing our cities and what this means for the urban development of the future. After a presentation on the topic “Cities of the Future” at a conference, it was clear to him that he wanted to capture he opinion of Andera, our founder, on the subject of the Digital City.

Urban Digital Website

We already report regularly on our public research projects Urban Move and SmartMarketSquare and further research in the fields of mobility, trade and current digital trends. Now we add an exciting interview to the overarching question of how our cities of the future will develop.

You can read the interview (in German language) on Urban Digital with Andera Gadeib about the digital city here. Enjoy.

Andera Gadeib über die digitale Stadt

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