One of our favorite quotes about our work comes from the early years of Dialego:

Where Dialego is, is in front

1999, 2000 – when it was a revolution to conduct market research via the Internet and to incite this work tool, which is so common today, to something new: Namely, using the digital medium to bring people on an equal footing with companies. And to send out the bits and bytes worldwide in order to design innovations, brands or even new (digital) business models using co-creation.

A look into the future

Many years later we set out to do something new again. Today, where bits and bytes can take over many cooperation processes almost automatically, but at the same time threaten to replace personal interaction – these days we are increasingly creating personal formats. Because in our daily interaction with our customers we experience how important kick-off workshops, debriefs or design-thinking workshops are.

And we are now giving this insight a new space. A lot is still being built, sawn and screwed, but we were able to welcome the first visitors in our own FutureLab. We start with three exhibits, one of which has already been borrowed from the ConceptStore to explore the retailers of the future: our Alexa, which allows interaction in both directions. It can answer questions, for example about research results, as well as ask questions itself.

We will be happy to tell you soon what the other two exhibits are all about. As SneakPreview we have two pictures in our luggage. On the one hand, we use models to develop tangible concepts with the help of 3D printing in digital design-thinking processes.


3D printing during operation



On the other hand, we are experimenting with the possibility of making data tangible in the truest sense of the word. We will initially use these in research projects relating to mobility and trade.

Tangible Data

New forms of data representation are in the works


More on this in the coming months. Dialego customers are now invited to visit us in the FutureLab and be the first to personally learn about the innovations. Simply contact your account manager or write us a message here. We are looking forward to your visit.

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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