The healthcare market is a growth segment. This is suggested not least by the demographic change in the population. But which brands are known and which are considered trustworthy by consumers? In 2018, we again investigated this question for the Most Trusted Brands study.

And while we noticed a change of the most trustworthy brand in medical skin care in 2017, the balance of power remained stable this year.

The winners “Most trusted brand health”

At the top of all brands is Aspirin from Bayer. Aspirin appears in 21% of all interviews with more than 4,000 respondents. Of all the people who have named a trademark in the category, even one in two refers to Bayer’s figurehead. This makes Aspirin the undisputed trustworthiest brand in one of the strongest health categories, namely painkillers.

Aspirin is followed by Wick in the cold and cough category. After all, one in three names this brand as their most trustworthy health brand in this category. The highest value is achieved by the hearing aid brand Kind in the respective category: 64% of all brand connoisseurs consider child to be the most trustworthy brand in the hearing aid segment. Almased also took first place, as in the previous year, for weight loss products, a brand that one in three connoisseurs of the market cite. After losing first place to the Bepanthen brand last year, Eucerin maintained its position as the most trusted medical skin care brand in 2018. Abbey maintains its leading position in vitamin products and Iberogast in digestive products.

The categories in detail

The markets differ considerably from one another. Below you will find an overview of the top 10 for each category. Just how diverse the world of brands is in the health care world becomes clear at first glance. Indeed, the ranking of consumer confidence has changed from year to year.

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Most Trusted Brands Gesundheit 2018 - alle Kategorien

Most Trusted Brands Health 2018 – Overall Results

About the method

For the annual”Most Trusted Brands” study, we survey more than 4,000 Germans on behalf of Readers Digest as to which brand they trust most. The special: Consumers make their choices openly. This means that there is no ballot paper on which we list brands – instead, all participants spontaneously name the brands from memory. This unsupported form of question is a special feature: while a list of available trademarks may be influenced by specifications or comparisons, the open statement arises from spontaneous, implicit perception and thus provides us with a very strong value.

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