We are very excited about our latest public research project: Shaping the future for urban mobility.

The development is based on the e.GO People movers from Aachen, which is scheduled to go into series production as early as 2018. Dialego is on board as a research partner in order to design the innovative, new mobility service in a customer-centered manner. There is still a lot of development ahead of us in order to address the entire population. After all, it is very unusual and sometimes frightening to get on a bus that is neither manned nor following a fixed route and that also drives completely electrically.

The fascinating thing about this project: In a manageable consortium with three Aachen companies (Dialego, Digital Mobility Solutions and e.GO), the City of Aachen and the Research Institute for Rationalization at RWTH Aachen University, we will develop an operational system within three years that will put the autonomous bus and its services on the road.

By the end of 2020, we will develop a platform business model that will be validated both through user feedback and technologically and economically.

Dialego’s role as accelerator

Dialego brings expertise in the fields of mobility and customer centricity and will make a significant contribution with its research services to ensuring that both the product and all services of the new offering are designed in the interests of the future customer. For this we use our proprietary methods of artificial intelligence, benchmarks and our own panels.

The focus is on the autonomous bus as a product as well as all steps of the Customer Journey from the planning of a journey via booking via app to the journey with the People Mover including the interactions with conceivable interfaces of the bus, such as mail services or interactive displays in the bus. The design of the service and the necessary steps are agile, i.e. the results of each research stage set the course for the next step. This accelerator effect saves time and money by tracking the right product and service configuration early on.

In the course of the research project, several hundred test persons are involved both offline and online. Initial interviews with potential users of the urban mobility service have already taken place and indicate the direction of development right at the beginning. During the course of the project, we plan so-called car clinics in the developers’ halls as well as large, nationally representative surveys and co-creation sessions.

Our goal is to use artificial intelligence algorithms to identify product improvements from ongoing business operations and translate them into concrete suggestions for the operator. In this way, Dialego ensures that urban mobility will continue to be tailored to the needs of consumers in the future.

Partners in the project and further details


Sponsored by BMWi

The consortium FIR I’m sorry. I’m sorry Fleet butler Digital Mobility Solutions | City of Aachen | e.GO Dialego

The project runs from January 2018 to December 2020 and is funded with a total of 3,395,690 euros;

For more information, please visit the project’s website urbanmove.ac

Selected contributions to the BMWi project UrbanMove:

e.GO Mover – RWTH Aachen University’s autonomous E-bus to go into series production in 2018.

Visit the Urban Move website

Project work to be assigned

And here are currently two exciting Master and Undergraduate degree-Works to be assigned. Because of course our technology is man-made. And will it stay that way

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