We are very happy. Our VisualConceptMapping (VCM) is protected by a patent. We have been working on this tool for digital design thinking since 2007 and it is now an integral part of our work in innovation processes. With convincing results: The important “actionable insights” serve teams in the company to revise ideas in a customer-oriented manner and to launch products in a targeted manner.

We now know that VCM is an essential factor in assessing the success of an idea. We only recently found out the significance of this measure in our KISS analysis.


Successful principle – unique for us

We do not want to conceal the fact that there have also been some imitators in the last ten years. We see this as a good impulse from Dialego for the market. And if you want the original, whose scope of services simply goes further and which has been specifically optimised by digital experts for use in innovation projects, simply contact us. We are happy to show how this tool leads to the important “actionable results” that enable every innovation process to set the right course early on. A central element of the VCM is the heatmap, which superimposes all interviews with their likes and dislikes and thus provides a first impression of consumer feedback.

Expressive feedback, impressive yield

How does it work? Participants can express interactively and completely intuitively what they think and feel – in relation to a verbal concept, a product, a packaging or any other concept that can be visually represented. We generate extensive feedback and analyse it with the help of intelligent digital algorithms. So that the findings are immediately visually readable for our customers.

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The analysis goes one step further – and that is the core of the patent. On the one hand, we automatically and with methods of artificial intelligence deliver a statement on the elements of the tested object – for example, only on its visualization, the brand or individual text elements. On the other hand, the VCM consolidates all of the participants’ texts in such a way that we can immediately tap into the core of the customer feedback. You hardly understand your target group faster and better.

We have been working with it for 10 years. ❤ – our customers love it. When will you be one of them?


If you think to yourself,”Is this also possible with my question? True to our motto: Dialego – moves your mind – Also available at SmartMunk as a do-it-yourself instrument.

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