End of the year: We’re panting in the final spurt. We’ll get this going before the holidays, and we’ll track it down. Does that look familiar?

How about we do it differently in 2018? Not “ever faster” and “even more”. No additional data or possibly even”insights” every second. Instead: a clear focus on the right thing. We have an idea for you.

Reflection thanks to digital tools

Our mission at Dialego is: Help the customer to set the right course and ultimately to be more successful in the market. We concentrate on positioning a brand, designing successful innovations and all questions of digitization. We are often the first on the market to use the latest digital methods for this purpose.

And while the acceleration of the (corporate) world is increasing, we recommend effectiveness instead of efficiency. So: do more the right thing instead of doing things right. Because those who set the right course at the beginning have more air to breathe during the course of the project – and do important things more quickly overall, they reach their goal more smoothly.

Our time gift is called: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the key technologies of digitization. Already 80 % of companies invest in AI. And while IBM’s Watson beats human chess professionals, at Dialego we develop AI tools to accompany winning brands and innovations.

No wonder, as the roots of Dialego and his founder Andera Gadeib to Business Information Systems in the 90s. At that time, the best-known system of artificial intelligence was called Eliza (born 1966, by the way!), with whom Andera made her first attempts at AI in 1992.

How Alexa and her siblings moved in with us

Already in 2008 the first AI technology moved in with us. Our team was honoured at the Number one-University in the field of Artifical Intelligence, Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. We developed the first version of intelligent text analysis for consumer statements “SemanticMining”. In addition, we (and you, too) are now availableAlexa as “intelligent interface” to data or findings at your disposal.

Christmas Associations

How well our text AI already understands the statements of humans, we were allowed to admire recently again in a study to Christmas. For example, if we use it to analyse what people say about Christmas, a cluster is formed on the subject of birth. It contains original notes on the coming of God and the birth of Jesus Christ. Or that of a pastor who tells us about the birth of the child of God and her joy in the”popping church”. All taken from life. And what does our technology do? She summarizes it all automatically and tells us so very pictorially and quickly what it is all about: the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Associations

To meaningful work in 2018

We have just used the AI sensibly for us: While the machine intelligence worked in the office, we took our time as a team, cooked together and really made things go well.

Would you like to get to know the possibilities of AI and focus with us on “the right” in brand positioning or a future innovation? Then we have a common purpose.

Let us work as a team on your goals.

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