What? So early?

Maybe you’re wondering if that can be. Virtual Reality, the topic that has become visible everywhere for several months now, in market research? 20 years ago? Indeed: My first attempts to use virtual reality for research questions date back to 1997, when I just returned full of inspiration from a research stay in the USA and my workplace there in the “Virtual Reality Lab”. Virtual realities, which in my diploma thesis “only” served for visual analysis in the form of three-dimensional data mountains, I wanted to explore more deeply from now on.

How it all began

In 1996, with the first steps in online market research for the fast moving consumer goods market, it was obvious: a virtual supermarket was needed. Over the years we have done a lot of research on how to strike the right balance between the most realistic virtual environment possible and ease of use for everyone. After all, it is fundamental in market research that the results are reliable. Decisions worth millions are ultimately based on the recommendations made by market research. Today, at Dialego we simulate purchasing behaviour in the virtual world, measuring important consumer decisions in the virtual world and thus setting the direction for customer-oriented product development.

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Marktforschung Dossier

Real-world shopping


The virtual shelf is an extremely fast and reliable solution for checking the performance of your product in a realistic shopping environment. The realistic purchasing simulation makes it possible to test new products for their assertiveness and to investigate buyer behavior. Learn more about the performance of your new product in a competitive environment before your competitor notices your strategic decision.

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