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It’s just wonderful to do good

Everything started with a first sponsorship for a girl in India. On the one hand, the Dialego team or friends of our projects donate, but the lion’s share of the donations comes from our respondents. Because every study participant at Dialego has the opportunity to donate his thanks for participating instead of receiving a goodie himself. Fortunately, many of our participants take advantage of this. Within a very short time we had a second godchild and also for them we had enough donations for some years of school and health care.

Great response in a short time

We started to finance in larger structures. A first project was the renovation of a school in Cameroon. We learned that a foundation is the best model to realize such projects. So we started the Dialego Foundation and have realized many different projects since then. The spectrum is broad but still follows a clear goal: Children are always in focus, from their own region to far into the world. We have already been able to get things moving, for better nutrition, health care and above all education.

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