8,000+ Benchmarks
from Idea to the Market Launch

With the experience of more than 8,000 innovations and analyses with the help of Artificial Intelligence we know: Two essential factors for market success are the relevant benefit of a product – analogue or digital – and the strength of the brand. Our benchmarks database and instruments are designed to find the real benefits early on and thus set the right priorities. We are experts at understanding people.

Our benchmark database with 8,000 innovations – from chocolate bars to electric cars – offers incomparable orientation.


Data cockpit in dashboards

The more innovative a product is to become, the harder it becomes to predict what will appeal to which customer. Dialego’s co-creation has helped us to recognize what is really important to potential customers and how they want their requirements to be implemented.

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh

e.GO Mobile AG – Aachen / Germany

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