Proprietary Methods
of Artificial Intelligence

Our motto: Let the machine do what it does particularly well. Dialego has been working on methods of artificial intelligence for more than ten years. We constantly develop our toolbox and adapt it – if necessary – to the needs of our customers. Our development team uses the latest digital technologies and is able to solve almost any problem.

What are the benefits of artificial intelligence for you?

Artificial intelligence gives us time and new insights. It compresses texts automatically and intelligently, is available for your questions by voice input and recognizes patterns in large amounts of data. In the future we will see above all products that, thanks to artificial intelligence, continuously improve themselves. Think of the autonomous bus, which, thanks to analysis of user preferences, offers more intelligent routes or simplifies booking and adapts to the needs of the target group – e.g. younger passengers can book playfully, older guests can choose from a reduced selection menu.

Video SemanticMining Skyline

SemanticMining – Text analysis of the next generation

Visually understandable reports thanks to AI

Our AI text mining enables you to deep dive into the statements and needs of your customers. Any form of openly formulated text can be accessed at the touch of a button, and thanks to a filter option you can compare different target groups, for example.

Customer comments, for example from the design thinking and co-creation of new products, can be summarized in a matter of seconds. The condensed feedback is available live – also in joint workshops – and the visual reports can be recorded by any target group in the company without prior knowledge. The AI reveals the special features of your customer groups: Does an idea show clearly better results with younger women and must therefore be redesigned for the older senior citizen? Your team can enter even the largest amounts of text and react accordingly.


All AI analyses can be integrated into the data cockpit in dashboards. Here, large amounts of data are made clearly visible. Dashboards are individually designed according to your project needs, even different data sources can be syndicated. Our dashboards are expandable and update themselves when new data arrives.

Alexa, our digital assistant

The digital assistant offers the latest findings from your data pool via voice control and without any fuss.

Recently, the digital assistant has also been conducting on-site interviews for us.

Often comprehensive data treasures are already available in the company. Pattern recognition in large data sets reveals new insights that you can work with, for example our research on the drivers of innovations according to the “KISS”-principle (Keep it stupid simple).

As far as I know, Dialego has one of the best algorithms to filter relevant impulses.

Prof. Dr. Frank Piller

TIM RWTH Aachen – Aachen, Deutschland

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