• We are pioneers of digital change.
  • Digital thinking and working is an integral part of our DNA.
  • We offer the dynamics of a start-up and the sustainability of German SMEs.
  • Our portfolio ranges from Bayer worldwide to WDR regional.

Our methods


Proprietary Methods of Artificial Intelligence

Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.

Years of Experience in Brand, Innovation and Digitalization

Wirtschaftsmagazin Karriere

Digital Pioneers & Excellent Research Methods

8.000+ Benchmarks from Idea to the Market Launch

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We deliver the power of perfect user centricity in sprints

We work in sprints and integrate seamlessly into your processes with this agile methodology. We actively involve your team in this process, because we have only achieved our goal if we enable you to act based on perfect user centricity.

After the joint definition of objectives with all relevant shareholders of a project, we develop the data collection. In some cases you already have all the necessary data in house. Our experts are happy to screen, select relevant content and prepare it for analysis. If necessary, we conduct market research with (potential) customers, extract the findings and prepare them in a way that they are understood by all those responsible. You will receive a clear guide to relevant, individual options for action.

Such a sprint takes four weeks on average.


Progress in sprints

Certifications, awards and appointments as pioneers

Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.
Bundesverband IT-Mittelstand e.V.

Company with heart


In 2018, our Dialego Foundation for Children was honored with the CSR Award for our social commitment. Since 2007, the foundation has been supporting regional and international aid projects for children. For example, we made it possible to build a water well at a school in Cameroon as well as school and village gardens in Burkina Faso. The foundation also has several sponsored children worldwide. One of the largest projects is the cookbook with a donation function created by employees and friends: FADI KOCHT SYRISCH.

History: Once upon a time there was a small garage …

  • 03.1999 Foundation of Dialego in a small garage
  • 03.1999 Launch of SMAN, our first digital platform for market research
  • 08.1999 Move to the loft, our first “real” office
  • 04.2000 First own panel in Germany
  • 05.2000 Dialego wins the start up competition of McKinsey & Stern, 1st in the regional and international competition, Top 10 national
  • 05.2000 Wirtschaftswoche appoints Andera Gadeib as one of the 100 most important New Economy entrepreneurs in Germany
  • 06.2001 Dialego becomes an AG
  • 03.2006 Andera Gadeib is awarded Career of the Year by the Handelsblatt publishing group
  • 05.2006 FutureMarketShelf wins the BVM Tool Award
  • 08.2006 Start of our panels in Austria, Switzerland and France
  • 08.2006 We conduct the largest worldwide study to date with over 1 million interviews, our client is Unilever/Dove
  • 10.2006 Nomination for “Best Paper Award” category “Best Methodology” with MindVoyager, Esomar, 2006
  • 02.2007 Launch of our co-creation tool VisualConceptMapping
  • 02.2007 Launch of our Dialego Foundation for Children
  • 02.2009 Launch of our text analysis platform SemanticMining
  • 02.2010 Move of the headquarters to the stylish office building “Karmeliterhöfe”
  • 05.2011 Launch of our holistic brand measurement BrandSculpture
  • 05.2011 BrandSculpture wins the BVM Innovation Award
  • 07.2011 Dialego Foundation reaches the donation amount of 50,000 Euro
  • 11.2012 Volker and Andera Gadeib found the independent online software provider SmartMunk. The startup takes over the tools VisualConceptMapping, SemanticMining and BrandSculpture
  • 01.2013 Federal Minister of Economics Phillipp Rösler appoints Andera Gadeib to the advisory board “Young Digital Economy” at BMWi
  • 02.2014 Federal Minister of Economics Sigmar Gabriel confirms the appointment to the Advisory Board “Young Digital Economy” at BMWi
  • 04.2014 Dialego celebrates its 15th anniversary
  • 08.2014 Dialego and Gruner+Jahr were jointly honored with the FIPP Research Award
  • 11.2014 Appointment to the jury to award NRW state funds for promising digital start-ups Startup NRW
  • 11.2015 Appointed to the jury to award federal funds for promising IT start-ups Research transfer exists
  • 04.2016 Dialego and WDR are nominated for the BVM German Market Research Award
  • 04.2016 Andera Gadeib is nominated for the emotion Award 2016
  • 06.2017 Federal Minister Brigitte Zypries appoints Andera Gadeib to the Advisory Board “Young Digital Economy” at BMWi
  • 12.2017 Andera Gadeib is finalist of the Digital Female Leader Award in the category Entrepreneurship
  • 05.2018 Appointment of Andera Gadeib to the Digital Economy Advisory Board by Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Ministry of Economics, Innovation & Digitisation, NRW
  • 04.2019 AC² Innovation Award Nomination for Dialego
  • 04.2019 Dialego celebrates its 20th anniversary
  • 10.2019 Andera Gadeib’s book “Die Zukunft ist menschlich an” is published by GABAL Verlag
  • 03.2020 Move to the future-oriented new office in House Matthéy
  • 04.2020 Dialego receives certificate Innovative through research from the Stifterverband
  • 05.2020 Dialego receives the Women Owned Business certification from WeConnect Internatioal
  • 11.2020 Dialego achieves top 5 placements in the categories Transparency and Innovation & Creativity in “Smaller Agencies – Full Service” by marktforschung.de